A cat is looking for a family to love because it has a perfectly formed heart on its back.

A charity that supports animals was given Dollar, a two-year-old ginger and white cat. Although Dollar was in poor condition when he first arrived at the shelter, the volunteers were eager to help him in any way they could.

The adorable cat was truly grateful and happy to get treatment that was given with a lot of love and attention, despite his difficult condition. He needed a lot of affection right away when he got there.

Despite having all the luxuries, Dollar was a very sensitive cat who want someone to care for him forever. The devoted cat’s heart-shaped marking on his back, which serves as both a sign and a defining feature of him, is an oddity.

Dollar has the compassion to express her tenacious yearning for love. The adorable cat that always follows him appeared too self-assured to have his heart on his back. In addition, he lives up to his image of being cute and isn’t afraid to adore people around him.

Ideally, Dollar will be adopted by a loving family.

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