A woman adopts one stray cat, bringing her total to eight pets.

One morning, Sara from North Carolina walked out onto the porch and saw a white cat that was in need of help. She was pregnant and already had two adult kittens with her. She was allowed in, though, and quickly assumed temporary charge of eight different animals all at once.

Five of them were still in the womb. ‘ About two months ago, the cat I called Elio brought her babies to my doorway for the first time. They seem to be a month or so old. Sara thinks.

Before taking the mother cat to the doctor for a checkup, a rescue team bathed her and her kittens.

Then a healthy cat family returned to their temporary home. While Sara was taking care of him, Elio finally gave birth to five healthy children, and he later relocated with them to another foster home.

The mother cat quickly became comfortable in the new home and around guests.

Her kindness and concern for all of her kittens never ceases to amaze her owners.

While Elio’s two older kittens were ‘adopted’ and transported to different owners, her smaller kids are still with her but will soon also be adopted by other people.

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