Watch how these kittens respond when they hear food being unwrapped.

When Daniela Manuell initially agreed to foster a bunch of kittens, she couldn’t wait for them to mature a bit. She was interested in how animals viewed their environment.

He is really brave, the ginger baby is a smart, autonomous infant, and the black kitten typically behaves like a person. The gray boy revealed himself to be much more reserved than other children.

Four kittens have recently found Daniela’s sofa while enjoying themselves while exploring her house. The kids happily slept off after playing for a good amount of time, feeling good about themselves and their new amusement. In order to take advantage of the calm and get some rest, Daniela reasoned that it could be a good idea to eat some lunch first.

Just after the kittens had been dozing off for fifteen minutes, the girl cracked open the candy bar. At the same time, the cats all awoke. The kitties watched Daniela as she munched on a candy bar.

Because they would soon awaken and begin playing and exploring the neighborhood, the children could sleep peacefully while the girl had a snack.

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