Soldier anticipates returning to his dog after serving in the military.

The reunion of a soldier and the dog he served overseas is really touching.

The stewardess made the long-awaited reunion possible, and fortunately, witnesses were able to capture it on tape, giving us an insight into a man’s incredibly love relationship with his pet.

Hailey is a highly skilled dog who has served in Afghanistan several times. Tomas was a soldier who trained her. It follows that the two naturally grow to be quite close.

The service dog was always watching out for the soldier and his teammates. The young man thus made the decision to repay the amount when the time came. Like every other military dog, Hailey had to be placed for adoption when he was released from the service.

Because she and her old trainer lived in such close proximity, Hailey was unable to locate a better place to reside. Thankfully, a kind woman by the name of Mery made it all possible.

The stewardess Mery made it a point to reunite the military dogs with their former handlers. Thanks to this generous woman, Tomas was able to adopt Hailey, his longtime best friend.

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