Husband asked his wife to bring the cuddly cat home by sending her a photo of him.

Partners typically agree and compromise when there is a dispute. This usually leads to a debate between competing points of view. A man spotted an odd ball of fur near the parking lot and soon realized it was a little cat wandering aimlessly.

He took a picture and sent it to his wife, requesting permission to bring it home. The wife later acknowledged that she was unable to respond in any other way. The cat was in poor health and had a number of problems.

When his wife saw this cute muzzle, she knew she couldn’t refuse, and the guy decided he couldn’t leave him in this predicament. Kitty was immediately given dinner and showered.

The adorable kitten was so happy that he went to the vet the following morning for a checkup.

He was healthy and only around a month old at the time. On their way back, the pair stopped to get him a tray, delectable food, and entertaining toys.

The spouses gave the cat the name Axel, and he quickly became friendly with the rest of the family. They never second-guessed their choice to keep him safe.

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