Golden Retriever proudly shows his dad his collection of sticks.

Although the gathering is a popular activity, it is not straightforward. Even when gathering sticks, just like Burka the 4-year-old retriever. His owner also claims that this line of employment has a long history.

“When our neighborhood was covered in snow, Burka started gathering sticks.” He couldn’t find his favorite stick, which he had at the time, after the snowstorm. He tried to find it by looking through everything.

It’s not unusual for dogs to gather sticks, but what canine on four legs doesn’t want to gallop about with a piece of wood? However, Burka boasts about 60 of them! Whether they are long, short, even, or crooked, each one is distinct.

The dog should be able to explain what each one signifies.

Once the snow was gone, Burka did find his favorite stick, but he decided to stock up on more in the future since this experience had taught him not to take chances any more.

After the dog’s owner shared these photos online, they quickly went viral and attracted over 150,000 views and thousands of likes.

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