Earlier a sign language teacher, who has a hearing issues, now adopts a deaf puppy.

When a dog named Ardi began to lose his hearing, his family was unable to properly care for him and had to surrender him to a shelter.

Thankfully, the dog found his perfect owner right away—a sign language teacher who had lost his hearing—and soon after left the shelter, moving into a new house.

Andrew Wilson, a citizen of Florida, had no intention of bringing a dog home that day.

He was only planning to look at the animals and, maybe, choose a dog to keep as a pet. But the concept ended up being a little too popular.

I was warmly welcomed by Ardi within his enclosure. I patted him, and as I turned to go, he came up to me and quietly barked, almost imploring me to take him up.

Andrew furthered. The man formally adopted the courteous dog within a few hours after telling the shelter employees that he was taking Ardi home.

Even though caring for a deaf dog is difficult, Andrew is qualified for the position.

The dog, who has been given the new name Appa, is learning sign language well under his instruction. Andrew notes that “Appa already understands a few words in sign language and rapidly picks up new ones.”

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