A street cat becomes a social media phenomenon because of its lovely smile.

In June 2019, Kentucky resident Karla DeWese was out running when she came upon a little ball of wool next to a cornfield. She couldn’t leave her on the street, so she took it home and gave it the name Milky.

According to Karla, “I scooped her up, brought her inside, washed her, and the next morning I took her to the neighborhood vet.” The clinic performed a variety of expensive tests on the cat.

The operations cost a lot of money and were spaced six weeks apart. The first time around, everything went smoothly, but after the second, Milky woke up blind,’ Karla recounted. Fortunately, Milky’s vision came back, and the spots on her face gradually changed her appearance to that of a cat that was perpetually happy.

She is, in the owner’s opinion, truly happy and doing her best life. Karla spent a total of $7,000 on the cat’s care, and she has no regrets whatsoever. She is delighted to be the owner of a loyal, adorable, and dedicated pet.

She now has hundreds of followers on social media, and she routinely shares pictures of her entertaining cat.

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