A lovely puppy is employed as the “Official Stamp Licker” at the adjacent post office.

Each post office has a postmaster. A few times after his appointment, a guy legally hired his own dog, Jules. The dog subsequently started going on regular walks with his owner to the office, where he sat down in front of a computer.

The post office is used by locals for more than just mailing and receiving mail. At the post office, you may chat with neighbors, discuss problems, and catch up on the most recent news. People began to come in and only say hello to the friendly and cute dog. Jules is a postal worker. Obviously, not every tourist needs this help, but those that do are truly pleased!

Customers also seem to appreciate the help and thought. In reality, Jules seemed to be working hard to finish the job at hand. Many visitors bring food and dog treats rather than showing up without anything.

A person merely walks in and offers the postal worker a hug and a pat on the back. Jules is well-known in the community. Everyone is familiar with Jules and is aware of who he is. In addition, he waves his tail to greet people.

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