The association between a joyful dog and a grouchy cat shocked the internet.

The newest odd couple on Instagram is Caesar and Roma. Caesar is a happy dog, but Roma whines like a cat. The fluffy companions get along well and love going on adventures together.

Roma appears cranky, but he is the finest cat I have ever encountered; he allows everyone to pet him and offers amazing cuddles, claimed Liu.

The owner needed a cat, but he was worried about Caesar’s reaction.

Caesar and Roma first avoided one another, but eventually their reticence gave way to curiosity. After just one and a half months, the pair had lost their distinctiveness.

Currently, the pair spends two hours outside each day exploring new places with their owner, a gifted photographer.

Liu updates the couple’s Instagram page with pictures. The audience seemed to admire the pairs’ differences. Caesar and Roma are regularly seen snuggled up on the couch at home when they’re not on the road.

I love waking up to the two of them on a regular basis, and I appreciate seeing them as family; I can’t imagine a life without them, Liu enthused over her darling dogs.

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