The puppy was brought into the pub and instantly won the presents’ hearts.

Kate McLennan, the 22-year-old manager of the business, and her dog Bobo both work there every day. The four-legged employee wears a badge and takes tremendous pleasure in his profession. Kate says.

After his owner asked for approval to bring the dog to work, Bobo started working at the pub in February 2020. Due to the dog’s small size, the employer consented, and she didn’t regret it in the least because the dog with the tail made the bar renowned.

Visitors admire Bobo even though he is still employed. Dog often overlooks serving tables and snoozes at the counter. He includes them in the game with the aid of his favorite toys that Kate bought particularly for him.

Even on the craziest Friday night, Bobo can snooze in the middle of the bar. He is very popular among kids. For instance, one little child asks her father to take her to the bar on the weekends so she may see a funny dog.

Additionally, Bobo has a sizable online fan base because to his owner’s regular posting of entertaining photos and videos of her dedicated pet on social media.

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