A courageous Thai cat drove an elephant from his yard.

He was able to scare off a big elephant that had decided to check out his garden. This tale is a wonderful example of how cats can protect their own turf.

The fact that an elephant could tread on a much larger animal, much alone a little cat, didn’t make Kiwi feel bad. The large animal, which had ventured into the garden in quest of food, was boldly approached by the cat.

Kitty, who had grown up as a watch cat, hurried to protect his house. The local elephant, Paiv, is well-known to the populace. He is currently 36 years old. The elephant frequents the yards regularly in quest of food despite living in the woods.

The villagers are familiar with the resident of the forest. The caretaker of a nearby park asserts that all city dwellers are aware of him and ready for him. The owner of Kiwi explained that his pet does not like it when someone enters his territory and would not put up with it.

According to experts, there are about 2,050 elephants in the wild in Thailand and an equal number in zoos. In our nation, elephants get particular care, therefore they must be treated with respect.

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