The cat named Kane adores hiding in every accessible place and is convinced that no one can see him when he does so.

The cat Kane has an intriguing “hobby”: he likes to spend time alone and hide in any accessible location. But the cat doesn’t pay attention to anything since, despite what he thinks, nobody is staring at him.

When he was just a kitten, Kane was found in a business warehouse. One of the employees made the choice to bring the cat home. Kane has a new owner now! Since then, the cat has lived contentedly next to lovely people and a dog friend.

He is quite reserved among strangers, but he warms up quickly and likes conversation. Despite being sociable, Kane occasionally likes to be alone himself and take in his surroundings.

He also regularly hides in any area where he may move around. Kane already enjoys hiding things around, but the cat is ignorant of a small detail.

While hiding, he constantly makes sure that no one can see him.

The owners are aware that Kane only possesses this one trait, despite its peculiarity. They are aware that he will soon reappear and demand their attention. But such a silly habit!

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