The young man wanted to pet the dog but instead he sat down with tears in his eyes.

On city streets, stray dogs are frequently seen, and their numbers are growing. People are developing more and more complex methods to abandon their dogs, and many times they just take them out into the street like an object.

It frequently happens to senior dogs. And people disregard these creatures as they go by them on the streets. They frequently cling to garbage cans and hunt for food there because they won’t even provide them food, much less extra aid.

Fortunately, though, there are decent individuals in the world. So they started distributing information about a shepherd dog who was locked in a container and was unable to escape in a city. Volunteers jumped at the chance to save the puppy as soon as they heard about her.

Once inside the container, they were able to assist the animal, and when one of the volunteers touched the shepherd, she was ecstatic since she had forgotten what it is like to get compassion from others.

Thanks to the same young guy who adopted Batty and made her his favorite pet, she is currently doing well and living in a loving and caring environment.

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