She waited for the owners to come back even though they abandoned the dog indiscreetly.

Nobody was certain of this dog’s fate. A few months ago, she was found at the door of one of the houses in Costa Rica. The dog was abandoned without access to food or water, and the pregnancy of the dog made matters worse.

The neighbors were unable to leave the dog in this position, so they snapped a few pictures and contacted Tanya Capelluti, a volunteer animal rights activist, to let her know what had happened.

She sat and waited for the people she had been so loyal to, unable to accept the treachery. The volunteer understood how crucial it was to act right away and find the pregnant dog a home.

These were intended to be kind individuals who would aid her in letting go of the past, and they were soon found. In Wann McKan’s house, the dog felt comfortable and relaxed, and she soon gave birth to six pups.

Doggy gave her her heartfelt thanks to her savior on behalf of both her and her kids. The sight of Wann caused the dog’s attractive muzzle to widen into a grin.

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