Family members were thrilled to inherit grandmother’s flat, but they threw the elderly cat out the door.

When grandmother relocated to a nicer place in one of the high-rise buildings, she only left behind an apartment and an elderly cat. Grandma had grandkids who were eager to inherit the home but had no intention of taking care of the cat.

The animal was then transported to another elderly woman who fed all the cats in this yard for this reason. Of course, Granny was unfortunate since her manager pension hardly covered even the most basic expenses, let alone the upkeep of animals.

Grandmother knew some volunteers in the area, so she brought the cat to them and asked them to assist or at the very least comfort it. They couldn’t leave the animal in this state even though there were already forty cats in the shelter and a limited amount of finances.

The cat eventually started residing at a shelter with the other cats as a result. She had significant problems, and the idea of leaving her life with her had an effect on her state.

Although it seems unlikely that anybody would adopt this cat, the volunteers are still attempting to find her at least a temporary home.

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