A loving heart is found at a shelter by a donkey whose mother abandoned him.

From day one, this little donkey’s life was far from wonderful because his mother had abandoned him. Contrarily, happiness grinned at the infant. He ultimately located his mother, who, despite the fact that she did not give birth to him, embraced him with warmth and affection.

Bean’s mother was expecting when she came to the donkey refuge. Even though the birth was just a few months away, the donkey was totally unprepared to be a mother.

The mother donkey lacked maternal instinct despite the staff’s best attempts. As soon as her foal was born, she also abandoned him. The donkey reportedly exhibited no affection for her foal despite the efforts of the shelter personnel, wouldn’t allow him get near to her, and backed away when he did.

However, the hardworking employees at the shelter tried everything they could to keep the little donkey there, and in the end, their efforts were successful.

While his mother was away, Bean met Jiggle, another donkey at the refuge.

When it was discovered that Bean had finally located a loving mother, everyone at the shelter was ecstatic. After everything he’s been through, this adorable boy deserves it.

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