A dog stands on the side of the road, waving its tail in delight as a man takes it up.

The number of stray animals is rising every year. Either their owners abandoned them or they were born on the streets. There is an overpopulation of animals when owners or local government agencies neglect to care for stray animals.

Fortunately, this issue is typically resolved by animal shelters and animal rescue groups. So, the largest shelter in the nation, which is run by one of the non-profit groups in the Serbian city, has housed and fed hundreds of stray dogs.

They are cared for by the owners as they are ready for adoption. Then one day, the proprietor of the shelter discovered a dog on the side of the road. The fact that there were several automobiles driving about made it a horrible site.

The moment the dog seen the person, she knew she had found redemption, and her tail started to wag happily. She was in horrible shape at first, but she rapidly got better and went to see the man.

They observed her siblings and sisters as they went on since it appeared that the owner had abandoned them all at once. Ninna, as she is known, is a young, healthy dog who will soon be placed in a long-term family.

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