This adorable puppy with the big, cartoonish eyebrow and the multiple-colored eyes has won the hearts of everyone.

Nobody was unaffected by the presence of this dog! He won the hearts of all Internet users with his striking look. You will be captivated by this dog’s attractiveness and surprised by its originality when you look at the pictures of it.

This dog may be identified by its two vivid eyes and a spot that mimics an eyebrow. After viewing pictures of the puppy on social media, many people didn’t think it was real. It wasn’t merely a hand-drawn picture, as some people believed. The dog was in in need of a place to call home. After seeing the advertising, a woman decided to adopt the puppy. She called the owner to adopt the puppy since she could no longer tolerate the dog: “When I saw his face, I knew I wanted him right immediately.”

The degree of interest in her tale surprised the woman. It was a popular article. People had trouble accepting the dog’s unusual birth and some even suggested that it had been manufactured.

The woman admitted that “a lot of folks didn’t think this was the dog’s natural brow.” It seems sense that these individuals have trouble accepting the existence of such a dog.

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