A cunning cat convinces a dog to enter his box so that he may be by himself.

Originally a stray, Milly the cat decided he didn’t like it and ventured into the yard where he met Elie, who eventually adopted him. He was a beloved, caring, and dedicated pet for many years.

However, when Elie acquired Bony, a golden retriever, everything changed. The owner is accustomed to the rescued cat being adored, and he consistently gets his way.

Elie said that Milly simply wants the best: toys, food, surroundings, and the owner’s attention.

When a puppy, especially one that was quite active, emerged out of nowhere, Milly was not thrilled about having to share his mother’s attention. The dog adores the cat and is often looking for him and attempting to play with or cuddle him.

When Bony irritates Milly, he enters a box. Since Bony always wants to be close to Milly, he follows her there. Milly then rapidly opens the box’s door by tugging.

For three months, Milly has been placing his little friend in there, but the puppy still doesn’t understand what’s wrong. But the more time two animals spend together, the closer they get. Milly also finds himself occasionally hugging his friend.

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