Dog is attending a party to celebrate her first birthday with all of her friends.

Some pet owners are prepared to organize sincere celebrations for their animals since they love them so much! Thor’s first birthday was the day before, and Emily Chan had a boisterous celebration planned for him. Thor’s closest buddies, Emily’s other pets, were invited to the event.

Animals get along despite being of diverse types and ages. “I have several pets!” The lady said, “They all get along nicely. Emily bought a funny pizza toy for the bulldog’s first birthday.

The biggest surprise, though, was unquestionably the Christmas dinner! “I baked a cake for the dogs with strawberries, carrots, oats, and butter.” According to Emily, “The cat received a turkey and cheese biscuit and the rabbit got a fresh salad.”

The entire boisterous party sat down at the table and began snacking on sweets. Emily saw that the animals appeared to comprehend the subject of the celebration.

They wouldn’t begin the dinner without Thor, to put it simply.

After the feast, the animals went outdoors to have fun. Surprisingly, such disparate creatures coexist peacefully. In the future, Emily pledged to hold similar festivities for all of her animals.

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