On the Internet, an amazing picture of a weasel cub flying high in the sky while perched on a bird has became viral.

What you are about to witness is a work of fiction created by humans, not a work of art. This is the most realistic example; it is not Photoshop. The picture shows a weasel flying while perched on a real woodpecker. The image was captured by an amateur English photographer.

Everything has become much more mundane; one of our characters may serve as another animal’s dinner. This time, though, something was different, as the bird carried the animal outside of the nest. The camera was already set to shoot images when the photographer went out on a stroll since, according to the photographer, he intended to show his partner the bird that day.

Suddenly, the woodpecker landed 20 meters away from them. I stumbled into the grass, but the woodpecker carried on with his task. We ponder whether there would ever be another opportunity to see such an exceptional and uncommon instance, much alone capture it on camera.

What do you believe these images depict? Isn’t it wonderful? Amino will use every means necessary to surprise us with how adorable they are.

They are all very original and creative. How do you feel?

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