Mother racoon took her baby to get to know with her favorite person.

Brie now has a new home and a new friend named Roro, a raccoon. When Roro needed a treat, she went to the house since the previous owners fed animals and birds regularly. They informed me that raccoons occasionally approach the door directly, but at first I didn’t trust them.

A week or two after moving in, I was preparing supper when I heard a sound. Brie thinks. Even though she was surprised, Brie fed Roro who was waiting outside the door. After that, the raccoon started making frequent visits and finally became friendly with the home’s new owner.

The mother raccoon took her young to greet her new human acquaintance. “I purchased a little lake for Roro and her young to play and swim in.”

They were ecstatic. Brie declared. The woman was able to determine her true career goals thanks to taking care of Roro.

“Roro has had a huge impact on my life and brought me a lot of joy.” I look forward to seeing her every day. She said, “She really did become a family member to me.”

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