Cow abandoned by farmers finds a permanent home with a guy and helps him get married.

When Quel the cow first saw Ron, she had just been a mother for three days. Ron had a feeling that she was meant to be a part of his life. Do you trust someone who claims that a cow is a reason they met their wife? After answering an advertisement seeking a newborn calf, Phillips Ron and Quel came into contact.

To see the cow, he made a three-hour trip from his residence. It had just been three days after Quel’s birth. Quel has a sibling who is his exact twin. Farmers would thus find it worthless. A lawyer was hired to represent Quel. Phillips was the ideal candidate for the job since she loves animals.

The days and years that followed taught Quel love and acceptance, as opposed to the three days that she spent on Earth learning disappointment. On the other hand, Quel got bigger and taller every day. She eventually had the appearance of a 1,000-pound dog.

Chickens, pigs, and cows are among the farm animals kept by the nonprofit group. These creatures have lots of room on the farm to grow and just exist, especially when they’re as big as Quel.

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