A 12-year-old kid bathes stray dogs every Saturday to increase their chances of finding a home.

The “I’m Stray But I’m Clean” project was started in Brazil by a 12-year-old boy called Eduardo, who helps stray dogs find new homes. Every Saturday, the youngster bathes and grooms strays before dressing them in ties, exquisite collars, or embroidered handkerchiefs.

As a consequence, as more people become aware that clean and well-groomed stray animals might exist, the dogs’ chances of finding a new home increase.

His father, Tate, helps the youngster with the undertaking.

He takes professional photos, increasing the likelihood that the animals will find a permanent home. In 2021, he initially had the concept. He intended to buy and clean street dogs to draw attention to them.

48 dogs have already finished my son’s assignment, Eduardo told the media. Neighborhood pet businesses regularly offer him free dog treats and washes after learning about the child.

Eduardo publishes pictures of the dogs on Instagram. He continued by saying that he avoids eating meat because he loves animals. Many people may learn from this kind young man, who is a modern hero.

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