The tiny puppy was abandoned in an empty building and was perplexed as to why they had done so.

Dog The owners, whom Amelia adored and who had always been devoted to her, couldn’t contemplate abandoning her. A neighbor found the puppy when she was just two months old, alerting animal rights advocates, which was a big relief.

She was sent right away to a shelter. Nancy, a young woman, then made her way to the sanctuary. She understood that her loving family and permanent home could never be replaced by a shelter.

Jada, Nancy’s cherished puppy, had lately passed away. She didn’t think that a link with another animal was ever possible. She had planned to temporarily accompany Amelia, but destiny had other ideas.

Amelia, who was having trouble adjusting to life at a shelter, saw Nancy as a hero. And as you might assume, the child kept the animal when the foster care term was complete since she could no longer imagine her life without it.

Amelia has the good fortune to have such a loving and beautiful an owner. Meeting her was even lucky for Nancy. What a tale, do you think?

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