The dog valiantly defended her owner during a cougar situation.

Erin Wilson took her 2-year-old puppy Eva for a noon stroll before anything horrible occurred. An unexpected sound shocked her, and the cougar immediately prepared for a blow.

When Erin yelled for Eva, the dog immediately charged the cougar with all of her might. Sadly, the dog was defeated by the cougar. Erin, however, was not prepared to part with her pet so easily.

She started screaming at the animal to get away from her dog. Finally, he just let go and fled. She quickly picked up her glasses, embraced Sharon, and put her pet back in the car.

The woman rushed to take her cat to the veterinarian. She was given back her ability to survive thanks to the combined care of veterinarians and her owners, and after a few days, she was sent home.

Erin set up a Facebook page to gather money for medical expenses, but all the money was immediately raised when the page was rapidly overrun by the public’s love and support for her brave dog.

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