Russian military dog gets new homes in the Ukrainian military.

When the Russian troops left the hamlet, they left a lovely service dog behind. While some believe she was abandoned on purpose, others assert that the German Shepherd escaped on her own.

A local woman volunteered to give sanctuary to the dog and her German shepherd after the animal found its way into the community and was fed. He became friends with the family’s German Shepherd, Sima, and spent some time with her.

People started making Valentina offers for money in return for the trained assistance dog as soon as word spread that he was residing in the community. However, the wife objected.

The woman thought long and hard about what to do with the dog and finally decided to give it to the Ukrainian army in the hope that they may find it helpful. The puppy looked to be in good condition, but the dog’s handler found a Russian collar that indicated its provenance.

He gave the canine a name, Max. Since then, the puppy has gotten along well with Riddick, his new owner, who will instruct the canine in Ukrainian instructions. The guards rapidly developed a fondness for Max.

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