A mature horse saves a little foal from drowning in a river.

Meet Bilek, a horse that has shown the compassion and selflessness that certain animals possess. When they observed a different herd of horses on the opposing bank of the Salt River, Bilek and his herd were still grazing beside the river’s banks. There were two young, spirited foals among them.

The curiosity of Bilek and his family was aroused by other horses. When a young filly was pushed into the river by the river’s surge, Bilek and a few other horses were crossing the river to greet the other horses.

She was brought down by the water.

Swimming close to her, Bilek made an unsuccessful attempt to grab the foal. The water started to carry the horse downstream. On the other hand, Bilek had no intention of giving up. He dispersed from the others and pursued her in the water.

He was able to capture the tiny horse from behind at that point. He gave her a strong embrace and wouldn’t let go until she was back on the beach without incident. The filly ran directly to her mother mare after feeling glad to be on the riverside.

Bilek continued to follow the other horses in the adjacent group with his glance. He came across a stallion from another herd, and the two horses greeted each other politely.

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