When Grandma got up, she saw adorable foxes playing on her doorway.

You could have some pleasant surprises if you live in a home that is adjacent to a forest. Even foxes, which are timid and hate people, occasionally appear.

One is exactly what happened in this instance when the cubs commandeered a porch and utilized it as their own little playground. An Illinois senior’s home was the scene of the incident. She was able to get a few images of them and post them online.

The cubs visited the senior as soon as dawn broke on a sunny spring day. One cub initially peered in, but when he noticed how delighted the mother was to see him, he invited his brother the next day, and the two of them continued to come every day after that.

The woman then noticed her mother watching them from the neighboring bushes, a little distance away. The pictures pleased internet users, and many of them expressed jealousy for a woman who is so privileged to regularly be in such nice company.

Others compared these pictures to fairy tale movie settings, yet no matter what comparisons are drawn, these animals are just happy.

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