The Owl is unable to resist hugging the guy who saved her from a dangerous circumstance.

Great horned owl Iggy was taken to the veterinarian when she was towards the end of her life. A kind man who just so happened to witness her saved her.

The owl was so appreciative of her rescuer Andrew that she couldn’t stop embracing him when he got home from his vacation. The most significant bird we have ever cared for was this one, according to the owner.

The best person to search for Iggy would be Andrew. The likelihood of the cure would have been slim without Andrew.

“She knows him intimately and has great trust in him.” It’s the confident expression on his face.

In all my years of dealing with birds, they said, “I have never seen someone with such a connection to these magnificent creatures.” Iggy had complete confidence in Andrew.

When Andrew arrived back from a vacation to see family, Iggy was unable to contain her happiness. She started to dance but was unable to remove her arms from his. They stated, “Watching him bond with these birds truly gets me emotional.” What a fantastic tale, don’t you think? How do you feel?

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