A wild elephant pays a visit to the person who saved her and displays her baby.

About 20 years ago, Sulli the elephant was found wandering alone in Africa. She wasn’t with her mother at the time, and she was still a newborn. Animal rights campaigners assisted in her escape from a wildlife park.

She met Adam, the reserve’s chief caretaker, who also acts as the reserve’s owner and the mother of elephants much like her.

Robert, the executive director of the reserve, stated that “He organizes the elephants’ daily care and well-being, ensuring that they are constantly happy and healthy.”

By 2009, Sulli had developed a good sense of independence and, with the permission of her guardians, left the reserve to live in the wild. She remembered Adam, the one who had saved and reared her despite her newfound independence.

Sulli has been living in the wild for more than ten years, yet Robert noted that she never seems to forget the kindness shown to her. This was never more evident than when Sulli made the decision to bring her young out of the woods to visit Adam.

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