The young woman asked the shelter to give her a cat that nobody wanted when she contacted them with an odd request.

Following therapy, the girl decided to bring home an animal from a shelter. She went through the process of beginning a new life and thought about taking in a person.

She went back to the shelter after some deliberation and requested the staff to show her the cat who stays there the longest. The Kala cat was also displayed to her. She used to be a street cat and was also rather old.

The girl’s intentions toward the cat seemed to be obvious to the cat. She began to meow loudly, and the prospective owner grinned for the first time in a long. Kala had trouble sleeping when she was at home.

In the morning, she had finally slept. After that, the cat would only sleep with the girl. She was highly affectionate and cherished hugs. She liked the young woman.

As a result, a big, elderly cat from the shelter can make others happy and smile, and the girl should be commended for allowing the kitty to grow old in a kind, compassionate atmosphere.

We also hope that many more people will take her lead.

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