The duty of transporting the wedding bands to the altar was bestowed upon the cat.

Recent events include the marriage of an American couple. Then, at the poignant moment when the truth was revealed, the visitors heard a somber meow. Nobody knew the source of it until it was time to put on the rings.

As it turned out, the crucial role had been assigned to Los, the lovely cat. The cat was serious about his duties. The cat was with his owner, Dina’s half-brother Ricardo Scott Larson.

After the celebration, Ricardo posted a picture of the cat on Twitter. This photograph of a notable cat became well-known. Reviews were overwhelmingly favorable. Another girl allegedly stated that she intended to repeat the wedding but this time, just invite animals.

He remarked in the comments that the wife had come up with the idea a few months ago to ask the cat to bring the rings. So that the cat would get used to it, play in it, and be extremely reserved on the wedding day, he was given a special stroller.

The image shows how skillfully he managed his duties. What a clever and polite kitty. How do you feel?

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