A huge red cat entered a shelter and began conversing with the occupants.

The name of the cute, plump cat with red hair is Ancel. For seven years, he was lost. Then, when he found himself in an Oregon shelter, he, at last, got the tranquility he had been seeking.

He was sent to an another cat sanctuary in Sherwood since this one was already too crowded to accept any more cats. Doctors began attending to him. It wasn’t long before it became clear that the cat was able to interact with people in an intriguing way.

Anyone attempting to contact him will hear an extremely high, squeaky, peculiar meow in response, giving the appearance that he is responding.

Apparently, the cat is unique, says volunteer Heather.

Kitty is distinctive for his size and gorgeous cheeks. The beauty also has a meow that has the same tone as the question and sounds like human speech.

His beauty and originality are often enhanced by his very friendly and serene personality, which is rare for a street cat. Sandy, a wonderful woman, quickly made the decision to become his owner.

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