A good man noticed a deer in the middle of the road that was clearly in need of assistance.

While driving down the highway, a volunteer for an animal protection organization unintentionally stumbled upon a downed deer by the side of the road. He initially believed the animal had died, but following closer study, he found a female that was pregnant.

Despite hesitating to weigh the benefits and drawbacks, the volunteer made a daring step because there was nothing to lose because he was carrying instruments. He has experience doing the surgery because he has studied veterinary medicine.

The doe was immediately transported to the veterinarian while still carrying a live deer in her womb. The cub continued to make an effort to go forward. He made all effort in him to continue.

The deer must get stronger since it is not yet physically able to do so. Only then will it be able to return easily to its natural habitat, the wild. Given that he had little chance of continuing to develop and giving birth, it would seem that our child was born lucky.

We sincerely hope that he will recuperate more rapidly and that he will be able to effectively adjust to life in the forest, like the other tribe members.

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