The incredible bond between an adopted child and his dog has gone viral online.

The dog was overjoyed when Martin, a little kid who had been adopted by the dog’s owner, came inside. The puppy and baby became friends when they were both 10 months old, and they have been friends ever since.

As they grew older, pals shared new experiences, observed holidays, tried novel activities, and occasionally got into mischief. After being friends for a very long time, Martin and Viking are now true brothers who enjoy spending time together.

The dog and child are always happy when they first meet in the morning, even though they interact frequently. They clicked with one another right away. Viking seems to be aware that Martin clearly needed a furry friend to help him blend in with his foster home.

“Watching their friendship touches my heart,” the woman says. The Lewis family just added a daughter as a child. Another dog entered the house with her, providing the small girl with a canine friend to equal that of her older brother.

You can follow the lives of adorable pets and their small mates on social media.

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