An unusual cat with extra ears that he was born with, is taken in by a compassionate woman.

This woman volunteered as soon as she realized that 15 stray kittens had suddenly been found on the streets. She had visited the shelter to see the adorable kittens, and she immediately developed feelings for one of them.

The cat has shown to be quite affectionate and gregarious; he likes to snuggle, sleeps close to his owner, and gets along with other fuzzy animals. Aisha, like other cats, occasionally displays his individuality and may be playful.

If he is not offered sweets, for instance, he immediately steals them from the owner in front of him and goes. When bored, Aisha meows loudly and prowls around the home to get attention. But the cat always plays quietly with the plush mice while the woman is focused on her task.

The additional ears don’t bother the cat or its owner. He does, however, occasionally have trouble eating. As a result of her regular posting of hilarious images and videos of his oddball but adorable cat, Aisha has a sizable internet following.

The woman decided to make an account for a cat in order to motivate people to “adopt” animals with special needs.

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