In a sweet video, a young monkey is shown soothing a rescued parrot so that his father can feed him.

Ebby, a compassionate monkey, sought to relieve the young parrot’s anxiety when it arrived at the “cat house” due to how it got there. Ebby is a monkey, and monkeys are good at cleaning.

The parrot was brought to the shelter alongside the monkey, and Ebby decided to take care of it. You will see this approach being used by many kinds of creatures. These insects are subsequently eaten as snacks by the monkey who made the chamber.

The monkey is friendly and has a heart of gold. Հե comforted the parrot, who needed assistance. Ebby the monkey did everything for the parrot. He was a treasure to the parrot.

The bird was fed by the monkey. The parrot permits the monkey’s play with the beak. The latter stroked and cuddled the bird.

Ebby the monkey never left the parrot’s side while it was eating.

The monkey aids the father in feeding the parrot. The adorable relationship between these two animal species is the reason why the video has gained 66.4 million views. Nice, huh?

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