An image of two smiling lions from a national park. It’s worth seeing this.

When you think of lions, what pictures come to mind? The beautiful mane and roar are undeniable. These giant sand beasts have rules, even for their young. Usually, they don’t play with their kids. There are, however, always exceptions.

A lion father will stoop down when he first sees his youngster. The male lion steps back and tilts his head as his mate corrects him. Although strange, these are real. Thank goodness these strange occurrences were documented since they rapidly went viral when shared on social media.

The image below is another amazing representation of these forest kings. It’s a benefit because it can deliver hundreds of funny and encouraging messages. Lions wandering in packs across the park. Photographer Rosie captured this picture while on a vacation to see animals.

She was momentarily surprised by the couple’s “odd” conduct. But she then pulled out her camera to capture their expressions. This is a wonderful experience! We occasionally lose sight of the fact that these magnificent animals share our planet with us.

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