Together, she and her brother travel on the back of a charming small dog.

For a little pup like Luna, the world was a harsh place. Additionally, this is “because she was too little to ever be isolated from everyone else,” and, shockingly, the most basic things could have ended up being her biggest test.

Fortunately, when the small dog met Beezy, a huge Saint Bernard, everything was transformed. Despite weighing 126 pounds, Beezy is merely a delicate giant, so when he met Luna, he started treating her like a brother.

According to Dave, the owner, “the first time she went on his back was when he was relaxing, and she settled in there after a while.” Because of her lovely sibling, Luna can now go on excursions anytime she wants to.

With a sibling like Beezy, who is inclined to abide by his sister’s instructions in general, it couldn’t have been any other way. Dave remarked, “Beezy is the most patient dog; he puts up with anything.”

Let’s just say that Beezy is nice to everyone and that Luna leads the show. The owner noted that while Luna is riding Beezy unrestrainedly, there is typically a sizable crowd snapping photographs.

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