It took the squirrel eight hard years of knocking on doors until someone decided to open it for her.

The family only understood the squirrel was attempting to show them something after eight years of the squirrel banging on the door. We are aware that occasionally there might be a unique relationship between humans and animals.

Furthermore, this applies to both domesticated and wild animals. They had no clue they would ever see this baby squirrel again when they saved it from the wild years ago.

But for the past eight years, a squirrel has come to see them for a treat each year. The child became fairly attached to the family and stayed with them until he was fully recovered. The squirrel, who went by the name Belia, wanted to hang around the house where her rescuers lived.

Despite the eight-year gap, she still visits her family often. She is sitting on the entrance step waiting to be seen. Then, after remaining gone for a time, she quickly resurfaced, and it came out that she was pregnant.

She consequently stayed with this family for an additional 30 days, and everyone was thrilled to see how the baby they had saved had grown up and become a mother.

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