Mum is comforted by kitties after therapy to feel better.

Debby has a highly honorable occupation: for many years, she worked in animal rescue. She currently resides with her husband and five cats that she recently took in since she is always eager to help and assist a creature in need.

Cats respond to her presence out of instinct, so Debby makes sure there is some sort of indicator that is not apparent to people but is visible to cats.

The kitties loved their new owners and were thrilled to have finally found their ideal home. The young woman just had knee surgery. She remains at home to relax, and since moving is difficult for her, she frequently lays.

Five animals naturally wondered what had happened to their cherished mistress, so five of them hurried to her bedroom. Even though they knew Debby needed further therapy, they initially sought to console her by snuggling up to her.

She is thankful to her pets for their love and care since they never leave her, purr affectionately, and stand by her when she is in need. What a fascinating tale. How do you feel?

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