On their wedding day, newlyweds search for their missing dog.

Danny and Raquel’s dog Curry goes missing, and the wedding party is immediately sent on a search expedition. The wedding was interrupted as the couple dressed and headed to the nearest woodland in quest of a pet.

The puppy vanished just hours before his owners’ wedding. He was out for a stroll with a dog sitter when he became spooked by other dogs and ran off into the woods. She searched for him on her own for a long time before calling Danny and Raquel for help.

The newlyweds and all the wedding guests went in search of the dog. Numerous individuals searched the jungle in the pouring rain until dusk without ever coming upon Curry.

After the wedding guests had departed, the newlyweds fell asleep in the car before waking up the following morning to search for their little dog.

Thanks to modern technology, Curry was immediately discovered, and he soon arrived at the home of Raquel’s father. They went to pick up the dog after the guy told them he was in great shape and playing with his tail-wagging sibling Bobby.

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