A dog becomes the foster mother to around 100 cats after losing her dearest feline friend.

When this dog’s owner, Zucca, took her in, she quickly established a connection with the household animals. She developed a special bond with an old cat by the name of Staut.

The cat’s abrupt death left Zucca feeling quite angry. Zucca frequently visited the woman who ran the shelter, and when a young kitten was brought in one day, Zucca uncharacteristically displayed great mother love for him.

The small cat was Zucca’s firstborn. She also promptly adopted every abandoned kitten that came into the shelter as her own.

“I was immediately really concerned.”

According to the owner, “Zucca, on the other hand, was extraordinarily calm and sensitive with the kittens. She is a significant source of support for him, she could surely act differently around the cats without requiring it.

They frequently get access to her, crawling all over her like a giant, warm toy. The owner claims that Zucca seems to be aware of their individual needs. In approximately the past few years, Zucca has similarly cared for over 100 kittens.

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