The boy’s parents intended him to adopt a kitten from the animal shelter, but he ended up choosing a geriatric, dejected cat instead.

The boy’s parents decided to take him to the shelter so he could pick out a cat as a present for his birthday. What was everyone’s shock when the little boy noticed an elderly cat that had a sorrowful expression on his face?

He quickly pointed out the cat lurking beneath the bench as he and his mother waited in the shelter room for the cubs to be introduced to them. A few minutes later, the mustachioed one brushed across the toddler’s legs and they were instantaneously close.

The cat, who went by the moniker Big, had been homeless and living on the streets for a long time. After locating the ideal pet, the youngster lost interest in other animals.

This miserable cat was welcomed by the parents, who later fell in love with him. Thanks to affection and care, he soon adjusted to his new home and developed a bond with his owners.

The cat is loving and gregarious, and he seems at peace in his new surroundings. He cherishes the little youngster who gave him the chance to lead a brand-new, entirely different life than he had before.

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