With a miracle litter of 22 pups, Shein the Mastif establishes a new record for the country.

Australian scientists were concentrating on other issues while experts in the United Kingdom were working to train canines to identify the coronavirus. They are simultaneously celebrating the birth of 22 pups.

Shein, a Queensland-based Mastiff dog, is the owner of this record. The four-year-old pet first gave birth to five puppies, according to the website.

Shein’s owner brought her to the animal hospital, where doctors found that she was carrying 17 additional puppies. Due of a medical problem, she had to have a C-section. ‘ We performed an X-ray as soon as Shein arrived at the clinic to see if she had delivered all of the puppies.

The doctor said, “And we were shocked to see almost ten additional pups waiting to be delivered in the shot.” The medical staff finished the procedure in around 40 minutes. At the moment, Shein is at home with her kids.

Shein failed to break the record despite having a huge number of puppies. It is the property of a Mastif from the UK. In 2005, this dog gave birth to a litter of 25 pups.

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