To ensure that his dog enjoys the chair, the grandfather brings her along.

The dog whose owner took her shopping.

Although Aleecia Dahl’s grandpa first opposed owning a pet, he now adores it. Everything began when he first saw Coco. Grandfather initially opposed having a pet, but he is now unable to function without her. They truly became the best of friends.

Grandpa and Coco are very inseparable. When they weren’t moving about, you could find them relaxing in their favorite recliner.

“When Grandma and Grandpa relocated, they had to purchase new furniture. Grandpa insisted that Coco and he could comfortably sit side by side on the footrest of his chaise couch. Grandpa made sure the dog would enjoy it by bringing Coco with him.

He brought Coco to a number of locations before they discovered the perfect one. And it was unusual for a guy and his dog to go furniture shopping together. Coco was always greeted with a broad smile.

Fortunately, they were able to locate a chair that worked for them both.

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