Brave fisherman sprung into action to save the pups after mama bear was unable to do so.

This is how a mother grizzly bear once handled her children. As their mother swam in front of them, the cubs rapidly began to swim far behind her.

The mother had already swum to the shore, but she lacked the strength to swim back and assist her young children since they were unable to maintain their buoyancy. Thankfully, a boat traveling with several fisherman went by.

They decided right away to help the kids after seeing this picture. The mother bear noticed a boat traveling toward her and carrying passengers. The fisherman had enough experience to know that it is preferable to stay away from the cubs since it is hard to foresee how the mother bear would react.

A fish-catching net saved the day, yet it was also hard to get rid of them. The cubs were gathered and transported to the boat using it. But their mother presented still another obstacle.

Instead of moving closer to the coast, they drifted. Along the way, they all managed to land a bear cub. Mom quickly guided the cubs towards the woodland as she ran after them.

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