A dog from a shelter sought to show his family how much of a good companion he was before they accepted him.

Every dog desires to have a loving home and owners, but sadly, many pets do not get what they want. Consequently, Rushy the cute pit bull was captured on camera at an animal shelter trying to persuade his prospective owners that he would make a wonderful companion.

Rushy tries to meticulously make the bed while cradling the blanket in his teeth as if trying to show off his domestic prowess. The couple fell in love with the puppy the moment they saw this heartwarming video that the shelter posted on social media.

Rushy, on the other hand, joyfully wagged his tail and was thrilled to meet the couples. They added that when their pets went away, it was difficult for them to choose the next one. However, when they spotted this pit bull, they decided to take a chance since they wanted to give him a happy ending.

And Rushy serves as an example of how pit bulls can be loyal and faithful, as well as well-mannered and loving, defying common misconceptions about their personalities.

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